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Describes a professor's trip to Kenya after taking part in the 1985 World Women's Conference in Nairobi. The professor and a group of 8 people traveled to Kenya and stayed with a Jane Oloo for a month, a woman that the professor met at the…

November-December 1994 Volume 4, Number 6


Women Imprisoned in Chile
FLying Kites on Kabul's Front Line
The Abortion War Zone
Index: Oct & Nov Features
Teaching in South Africa
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In response to the announcement of 1975 as International Women's Year, this survey discusses the role of education in allowing women to participate fully in society.

Volume VI, Number 1


Women and Politics
Aba Riots or Igbo Women's War?
Women and Rural Development
African Women and Researchers
Pan-Africanism to Socialism
America and (Portuguese) Africa
Public Poetry of West Africa

Bibliography of feminist writings on international relations. Sources topics range from terrorism, to women in developing countries, to women in the military, to abortion.



I. Libyan Arab Jamahiriya

II. Morocco

III. Tunisia



The Nokwe Family
Singing the times

Learning skills for life
Two Khayelitsha women talk

"I thought I had AIDS"
Mandla Hlatshwayo tells his story

Wangari Mathaai
Kenya's Lion of Women



Discusses the extent and cause of the adverse effects of many development programs on poor women. Argues that the interests of poor and rural women must be taken into account when new programs are being developed.

Discusses the Mraru Women's Group, a Kenyan community organization that started its own public transportation service, and its potential as a model for economic development and women's organizing.

Discusses some of the problems and possibilities in exporting rural economic development programs from one country to another, and addresses the wider benefits to be gained from the economic empowerment of African women.