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A history of the bishops' role in obstructing progress on contraceptive programs and legislation, and their policy of blocking access to birth control.

Statement of purpose and vision, asserting the moral validity of contraceptive practices and calling on the Catholic Church to change their position. Also "committed to reducing the need for abortion."

Introduction to the cervical cap, its effectiveness, advantages and disadvantages, use, and the procedure for fitting, inserting, and removing the cap. Speculates as to why the cap fell out of favor, and its future as a product. Includes photocopies…

Includes a BBW resolutions on the United Nations Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women, affirmative action, terrorism, international family planning, and women and tax reform.


Birth Control
Breast Cancer and Breast Diseases
Women and Alcohol
Diet and Nutrition
Women's Health Resource List

Addresses several health concerns of black women, including high blood pressure, cancer, suicide and depression, and sterilization. Also includes job listings.

An informative pamphlet about the cervical cap: how it works, its history, effectiveness, and availability. Also includes information about other birth control services available in Georgia, and other feminist women's health centers providing the…


Female sterilizations now surpass vasectomies
Vasectomy reversal: Who? Why?

Examines abortion and reproductive policy in the U.S. and Japan, with a focus on the latter, including a brief history of abortion in Japan. Discussion framed by several key background variables: the relationship between abortion and other aspects of…

Report form the conference held November 13, 1976, at Laney College, Oakland, California.



The Anthropological Aspects of Menopause
Workshop I: Menopause, Myths and Realities
Workshop II: Sexuality and the Aging…