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- About Generation FIVE
- Purposes of this paper
- Note to readers
- History of Generation FIVE's approach
Section 1: Why is Transformative Justice Necessary for Liberation?
1.1 What do we mean by Transformative…


-Vol. 3 No. 2:
Organizing Ourselves
Charity Begins at Home
Meeting the Men
More Than Minding: A Playgroup Project
Sexuality: Discussions in a Small Group
A Treadmill Disguised as a Merry-Go-Round: Fashion
News and Notes: Meeting…


Economic Resources
Parental Employment

Describes a professor's trip to Kenya after taking part in the 1985 World Women's Conference in Nairobi. The professor and a group of 8 people traveled to Kenya and stayed with a Jane Oloo for a month, a woman that the professor met at the…


Conference Highlights

-Plenary Session I: Dual-Earner Families-Changes in the Home and Workplace

-Plenary Session II: Changes in the Lives of Women and Men

-Plenary Session III: The Impact of the Workplace-Children, Community,…


Executive Summary

Design, Sampling and Test Procedures

The High School Years

Social Mobility After High School: Education and Jobs

Leadership and Adult Athletic Involvement

Final Discussion

Appendix A:…


Who We Are
-Our Herstory
-Our Politics
--Why Focus on Marriage?
--Why Run a Clinic?

The Dissolution Clinic
-California Dissolution Law
-What We Offered
-The Groups
-Who Came to the Clinic
--Child Custody and Child…

A collection of reviews of women's literature.

A collection of reviews of women's literature.


Marrying in Maryland
Legal Rights and Responsibilities While Married
Marital Discord
Dissolving Your Marriage in Maryland
Divorce, Maryland Style
Alimony, Custody, and Child Support
Foreign Divorces
You and Your…