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Advertising the sale of a report on the conference of the National Coalition Against Censorship, "The Sex Panic," which forwarded the view that a feminist consciousness does not necessarily oblige an opposition to pornography, and that censorship…


Luis nos habla de las vacas de la democracia en su divertida nota. Que leche!

Ay Malele! Esta vez toca el mito del cuerpo femenino; no se la pierda

Temario III Jornadas
Alba nos habla del susto de muchos

Gloria se mete con…


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This is a Sex Panic! by Douglas Crimp, Ann Pelligrini, Eva Pendleton and Michael Warner

A Century of Sex Panics, by Allan Berube

Lesbians, Feminism and Sex Panics, by Lisa Duggan

Liberation Backlash, by Douglas Crimp…

Describes the organization's aims, its speakers' network, and its opposition to Senate Bill 1521 (the Pornography Victims' Compensation Act). Includes biographies of the speakers.

States the group's position on pornography as a free speech issue. Defends the right of people to make and watch pornography on the grounds that it is both protected by law and not inherently harmful to women or feminism.

Introduces FFE and its history. Explains the group's position on government censorship of pornography, art, and pop culture. Briefly discusses its opposition to Senate Bill 1521, the "Pornography Victims' Compensation Act."

Reports, stories, and testimonies from the anti-pornography movement.