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November-December 1995, Volume 5, Number 6


A Killer Goes Unchecked
To Speak and Die
Potent Pesticides
Cyberspace for Change
Nuclear Racism
Child Brides of India
Index: Oct. & Nov.
Eviction for Land Tenants


What international problem does Women's WORLD address?

What is the mission of Women's WORLD?

Is this mission being addressed by others?

What are the goals of Women's WORLD?

What is the history of Women's WORLD?

What is…


Description of Women's WORLD

List of Women's WORLD partner organizations



The Global Crisis

Competing Visions of the Future

What is Culture and Why Does it Matter?

Cultural Domination and Censorship

What Do We Mean by Gender-based Censorship?

Cases of Gender-based…

Discusses the "pre-termination" hearings of Alfred Wilder, a teacher at Columbine high school suspended for showing portions of the R-rated film "1900" to his class. Parents and administrators objected to the sexual content of the film, which…

Describes the arrest of the owner, manager, and clerk of a small gay and lesbian bookstore in Cincinnati for renting the video "Salo: 120 Days of Sodom" to an undercover agent. Argues that the film is neither immoral nor obscene and has considerable…

Bulletin on censorship battles in the media and in schools, providing updates on the opposition to PBS's "Tales of the City" program, the suppression of ads encouraging condom use for health reasons, and the firing of librarian for providing students…

Status update on books and films under threat in public schools.

Describes a reinvigorated culture of censorship in public schools as the religious right seeks to suppress books it find offensive. Includes a brief report on recent censorship battles in American cities.

Packet of materials on censorship in the United States and Canada. Includes a letter sent to Lee Bollinger, then dean of the University of Michigan Law School, about possible disruptions of an upcoming program at the school, and his reply. Also…