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On the Winds of Freedom

-The Black Revolt of the Sixties: Rosa Parks, Fannie Lou Hamer, Gloria Richardson, Mary Hamilton, "Woman Power Unlimited"

-Terry Moon: a White, Young Women's Liberationist

-Working Women's Struggles…


our spring offensive...

Sisters Gather

Revolutionary Women

Functions of Male Chauvinism

Economic Oppression of Women

Forewarned is Forearmed: methods of birth control

history of women's struggle

Socialization of…



Root of Women's Oppression

-Privatization of "Women's Work"

-In the home and on the job

-Sexist and male chauvinist ideology

Overview: Women's Struggles For Change

-Racism and Sexism



Conference Highlights

-Plenary Session I: Dual-Earner Families-Changes in the Home and Workplace

-Plenary Session II: Changes in the Lives of Women and Men

-Plenary Session III: The Impact of the Workplace-Children, Community,…


Part I: Women and Political Reform in Latin America

Women's Movements and Democracy in Latin America: Some Unresolved Questions

Women's Movements, Feminist Movements, Political Parties and the State

Part II: Women and the Impact…


Dr. Green and the Schools Crisis

Board Acts on Transportation Issues

City's Charter: WCC Endorses Nine Revisions

March '88: A Month to Remember

Caro Recalls Robert Moses and WCC in '53

David Dinkins: Racism Must be…


Part I: Women in Administrative/Supervisory Positions in the New York City Public Schools

Part II: Women in Executive/Administrative Positions in the City University of New York

Part III: Women in Policy-Making And High-Level…

WISER Special Report and...The Pay Gap Connected to the Retirement Gap!

How Else do Women get Short-Changed by the Retirement System?

Employment Patterns


The Cold Hard Facts on Pay Equity

What Women Can Do



Announcing The Women's Legal Defense Fund's "Pregnancy Rights Monitoring Project"

District of Columbia Federal District Court Dismisses National Conference of Catholic Bishops' Challenge to Pregnancy Discrimination Act